Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I've Moved!

To celebrate my landing in Toronto, I've switched the blog to -- please join me!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Matt Mays + El Torpedo - Terminal Romance

With Dartmouth's Matt Mays' third (well sort of fourth) record we see yet another band change-up and most certainly his most rocking and consistent record to date. Nabbing the lead guitarist of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia's "Rock Ranger" and losing Amherst native (and a brother of one of my former high school teachers) Jarret Murphy, this record really set the bar (in my mind at least). Some amazingly catchy tracks keep this record rolling. Unlike his first album which was very mellow, and then his second record was a bit more upbeat, "Terminal Romance" blows the others out of the water and will have you rockin' along the whole time. Yes, "Cocaine Cowgirl" was a memorable song, but I think this record may have some serious contenders.

If you don't believe me, simply check out the 4th track, "Rock Ranger Record" -- damn that's a catchy track! Well done boys. Hell, Matt and the guys even landed a spot on Late Night with Conan O'Brien last year! Not too many Nova Scotian bands can say they've done that...

Some useful links:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Koushik - Out My Window

My second release tonight is from a Canadian, simply named "Koushik" (which is this DJ/producers first name... last name Gosh). I stumbled across this album and was greatly impressed. In the same vein as fellow Canadian Caribou (FKA: Manitoba) and Four Tet, Koushik has made his mark with this album. Falling under what I would consider to be the electronica/funk/ambient genres, this album is perfect for those chill evenings in doing some work (well it seems all I ever do is mark these days)... or if you're entertaining for a dinner or drinks, this could be a great soundtrack to impress.

Check out some of these reviews to help whet your appetite:
  • Filter: In brief, it's one of the grooviest albums you'll hear--Saudi Arabia, here, or anywhere else.
  • Mojo: A hypnotic and original treat, an utterly timeless futurist retro symphony.
    Pitchfork: The end result is a delectable pop record, with Koushik's heavy ambiance and amorphous production combining to nudge his songs to their tingling crescendos.
So, with this... I encourage you to check Koushik out!

Mongrel - Better Than Heavy

Well my first post is coming from a very interesting, genre spanning super-group from the UK known as "Mongrel". This band consists of: Reverend and The Makers' Jon McClure, featuring Joe Moskow; Arctic Monkeys' Matt Helders and Andy Nicholson; Babyshambles' Drew McConnell; and UK hip-hop artist Lowkey. This album cuts across UK Garage, Rock, Hip-Hop, Electronica, Reggae and more... somehow keeping it very accessible to the average listener and very enjoyable.

Immediately, there should be a few key groups in that mix that have perked your interest. This album flows and rolls in a way which will make you want to listen to it time and time again; or roll down your windows in this nice spring air and just crank it. So to tie it altogether, the former bassist of the Arctic Monkeys (the original one, look in the YouTube videos from the first album) and their current drummer (who has got to be one of the most talented drummers around)... and from Babyshambles (which is Pete Doherty of Libertines fame) current project on lead guitars. Anyhow, enough is enough, preview some of the audio gold below and get on the Mongrel train.

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I'm Bacccccck!!!

Well, after getting the bug to do this, and a little kind encouragement from friends, I am going to try and get prudentMUSIC up and running again. So you can expect, hopefully, a flurry of posts in the coming few weeks to make up the hiatus and bring you the freshest, most succulent indie-rock tunes you may have overlooked (or better, the TV and Radio lacked delivering to you on a silver platter; fear not I'm here!)

So as a refresher: My goal here is to make you aware of some of my favorite music. I feel like I have a good ear for catchy, new music which often gets overlooked. I provide some quick/easy listening for the music (via YouTube, Imeem, etc) but I also provide you with the BitTorrent link for the album. Now, getting into the economics of piracy and the law, if you look back to some earlier posts you will read about how the internet has helped countless indie bands and really the only ones hurt are the hugely successful commerical ones. Check out this awesome article about reforming copyright law. What I see this blog is as a marketing platform for bands and their fans; an organic and viral way for their music to spread, which in my head (and heart), will lead to these bands indeed making real dollars and cents from it all. I am not advocating to not buy albums or merch, DO those things and most importantly go to shows, bring friends and show off this great music!

If you don't have any sweet clue what BitTorrent is... read this. Now that you get it, download the uTorrent BT client here and install it. Once you have this you can download albums (and so much more).

And now... MUSIC!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Zutons - You Can Do Anything

And to round off this installment of new music, we have The Zuton's dropping their sophomore album, "You Can Do Anything". Now, some of you may not have caught the Zuton's first album, "Who Killed... The Zutons" but I would likely bet you've heard their highly contagious single "Pressure Point" (, it was featured on MLB 07 for sure and its way around radio and internet. Anyhow, this fun, British band certainly has a certain sound, you either love or hate the singers thick accent, so give it a try and you may just have found a new favorite band.

Download "You Can Do Anything"

Download "Who Killed... The Zutons"

AllMusic bio.

The Fratellis - Here We Stand

The Fratelli's brothers (yes, the 3 of them make up the band) 2006 album, "Costello Music" was one of the best, most energized, catchy albums I've heard in some time. So needless to say I've been eagerly awaiting a follow-up album. Well it has come in the form of "Here We Stand" and well, it just seems to be missing the pizazz the first album had! Stripped of horns and the hyped up, big, bouncy, fun sound that made me love "Costello Music" so much. However, it still deserves a few more listens until I fully pass judgment.

Download "Here We Stand"

Download "Costello Music"

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